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Single Hose vs Dual Hose Portable AC’s

Dual vs Single

Honeywell MN10CESBBAs you browse for a suitable air conditioner for your home or apartment, you have probably realized a noticeable difference between some of the machines. In some cases it is hard to tell, however some machines are built with two hoses while others are only made with one. These are more commonly referred to as dual hose or single hose portable air conditioners.

While some state that a dual hose is by far the better choice out of the two, some may argue that it all depends on the size of your room and where you position your machine.

Benefits of a Dual Hose AC

Whynter ARC-131GDOne of the biggest arguments that seems to limit most single hose units is the negative air pressure that is usually generated inside of your room during operation. Dual hose machines don’t seem to have that problem since they are able to draw in air with one hose and exhaust air with the other.

Another benefit of going with a dual hose is that they generally tend to cool larger rooms and are usually faster at cooling as well. This is an obvious advantage since nobody wants to wait a long period of time for the room to reach a comfortable temperature.

The downside to owning a dual hose machine is that they are usually louder than most single hose units.

Benefits of a Single Hose AC

Honeywell MM14CHCSOne of the immediate benefits of going with a single hose unit is the price. This style is usually a few hundred dollars cheaper than a dual hose, although there are some exceptions. Single hose units also consume less energy and are overall lighter to carry around and maneuver.

Now, your single hose machine may use less power, although it does work less efficient than a dual. Considering it only has one hose to try and withdraw heat and cool at the same time, it does have to work a little harder. As a result, this style of cooling takes longer to reach a desirable temperature.

Single vs Dual

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