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Top Commercial Portable Air Conditioner Units OnlineBesides your typical home use ac unit, we’ve been learning a lot more about commercial portable ac’s as well. These machines are generally used in big office spaces, warehouses or even in computer server rooms. The overall performance of a home machine vs an industrial unit is much different. Most home ac’s operate at a maximum of approx 14,000 BTU’s, while the most powerful commercial units can go as high as 100,000 BTU’s + and cover up to 3,500 square feet and more.

Home vs. Industrial/Commercial Units


It’s unfortunate, but manufacturers such as Whynter, Toyotomi and Honeywell, don’t have industrial size counterparts. When you move into the industrial side, manufacturers such as; Ideal-Air, OceanAire, MovinCool & KwikKool are the popular names to look out for.

Similar to home units, the majority of industrial ac’s are fairly easy and cost effective to install. They also cool your room and operate in a similar manner as a dual hose machine. Although, manufactured much different, the premise is somewhat identical.

That also goes for drainage. Pretty much every portable AC also acts as a dehumidifier. Therefore most commercial ac’s also have a drainage bucket that needs to be emptied, or you can continuously drain via a hose for convenience.

A few differences we’ve come across include overall size in conjunction with overall noise. Generally these machines run a little louder than your Honeywell MN12CES, but since it is meant for a bigger space (or an isolated room) you really won’t hear much of a difference anyway.

Also, you’ll notice that most of these units do not connect to a conventional power outlet like you would find at home. So, unless you’re buying this for a business that already has the necessary power circuit (or has no problem purchasing it), then it’s not recommended to seek out and purchase this machine.

In the end, commercial units are much more powerful and can be excellent cooling sources for med-large companies. Rather than purchase more than one home unit to cool your office space, server, motor home or even private jet. Try going for an industrial size machine instead. Not only will you save money on energy, but it will also be much more efficient in the long run.

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